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Life Is Not A Rehearsal

Rollercoaster Days

I detest days like today, one minute you’re up and then you’re heading down again. The problem is that if you start off feeling low, no matter how high the rollercoaster takes you, you always end up back at the same level you started at.

Today that seems to have been a pretty low level.

There is a mountain of laundry, a veritable K2 of washing up, the cats litter tray needs cleaning and all I can do is look at it and think, Fuck It, I’ll do it tomorrow. Some of the worse physical symptoms of my depression are back as well which really doesn’t help, so tonight I have pigged out on all the worst possible foods, which makes me feel physically and mentally sick.

Oh, and the OCD is driving me mad, how many times do I have to check things!

Some days, you just can’t win.

March 24th, 2009 | Tags: | Category: Depression, Diabetes, Disability, OCD, Personal | Comments (0)
Expenses Scrounging Scum

Tony McNulty is just the latest in a long line of MPs and ministers who get away with things that would leave benefits claimants in prison for fraud. In his case he has claimed £60,000 on his parents home, Jacqui Smith claimed £20,000+ on her sisters home, Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper both claim every penny they can though they are married and live together. Before anyone complains I am aware that it isn’t just Labour MPs and ministers who do this.

How long will it be before someone cracks down on these abuses of the system?

I looked at doing part time voluntary work, but it is so easy to make a small mistake and end up losing benefits that I gave up on the idea. Yet MPs on over £63,000 a year can effectively defraud the system with no fear of any sort of meaningful punishment.

What I find more disturbing is that while these claims may not break the letter of the rules, they are counter to the spirit of them. So each person that has claimed must have accepted that while what they are doing may not actually be wrong, it will still look wrong.

How much contempt do they have for what we think of them?

March 22nd, 2009 | Tags: | Category: Ed Balls, Jacqui Smith, Michael Martin, Opinion, Tony McNulty, Yvete Cooper | Comments (0)
Obama And The Special Olympics Comment

What a gaffe for the first black president of the USA.

I really am in two minds over this storm in a teacup.

I was always quick to take offence over comments in the past, but for a while now I’ve been thinking a lot more about the intent behind comments rather than than my offence because of them. I’ve started thinking that way because freedom of speech is important to me, but to have the level of freedom of speech that I want to enjoy, I have to expect to be offended in turn.

In this case, I don’t think Obama intended to be offensive, instead he managed to be something else, just plain ignorant. I’m not sure if that isn’t worse than being deliberately offensive.

March 21st, 2009 | Tags: | Category: Barak Obama, Disability, Discrimination, News, Opinion | Comments (0)
A Reply From John Hutton!

Those that have been reading this blog for some time will know that no matter what I email John Hutton, my MP, about, I never get a reply. I did this time though.

I emailed both John Hutton and Tim Farron about the issue I raised last night in my blog, that of diabetes, and the continued support and education necessary to how to deal with it. While I only received a form reply from Tim Farron’s office, I received a reply and a copy of the letter that he has sent to Sue Page, the Chief Executive of the PCT. I’ve got to say that I can understand Tim Farron not replying to me imediately as I’m not one of his constituents, but this issue will affect many of his constituents.

I am pleased that John Hutton has taken this issue seriously and that he has tried to help, I can only hope that his intervention makes a difference.

March 19th, 2009 | Tags: | Category: Diabetes, John Hutton, NHS, Politicians, Tim Farron | Comments (0)
Short-Sighted In The Cumbria PCT On Diabetes

I’ve been trying to write this blog all night, I’m still annoyed, but having written to two MPs on this issue I guess I can manage to write a blog post.

Some cretin in the Cumbria PCT has made a stupid decision, they are cutting a very valuable post that could have serious knock on effects for many people over a long period of time. The post being cut is that of Diabetes Education Facilitator. I know, normally I would be having a go at any post that has the word facilitator in its title, but this time it is the right word, especially when you add in the current, and currently final, holder of the post.

I was only diagnosed with diabetes last year, my practice diabetes nurse has tried hard to help, but the one person who I have met, since my diagnosis, that has constantly helped, is a young lady called Anna-Marie Jesson. She runs the Xpert courses and other shorter ones, she goes along to Diabetes UK voluntary support group meetings, she did so much on World Diabetes day, to make it such a success and she also ensures that she lets people know of any developments in the treatment and control of diabetes, even after they have been on courses. That continued education is vital, and yet it appears that it is now being stopped dead with little over a weeks notice.

I know how hard it is to stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to diet, exercise and control of type 2 diabetes. I slip when my depression takes hold and then I have to claw my way back. It is people like Anna-Marie that help so much with it, mainly by helping and not hectoring. If we lose people like Anna-Marie and we lose the support and further education we will be starting the mechanism on a hidden time bomb, it won’t contain explosive, but it could just as easily lead to blindness and amputated limbs as people with diabetes succumb to the long term complications.

There may well be a short term saving by axing a post within the PCT, but how will that stack up against the long term treatment of those who go blind or lose limbs? I haven’t even started to figure in the increase in death from cardio-vascular disease that we may well see as a side effect of not treating diabetes properly and not keeping up education.

So tonight I have emailed both John Hutton and Tim Farron, I have also emailed the local paper, The North West Evening Mail, tomorrow I will be emailing the Chief Exectuive of the PCT, Sue Page. If you live in South Lakes or Furness and have diabetes, write to, or email, your MP, tim@timfarron.co.uk or huttonj@parliament.uk you can also email Sue Page at sue.page@cumbriapct.nhs.uk

March 19th, 2009 | Tags: | Category: Diabetes, John Hutton, NHS, Tim Farron | Comments (0)
St. Patricks DayLolCat

funny pictures of cats with captions
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March 17th, 2009 | Tags: | Category: LOLCatz | Comments (0)
Evidence Based Policy

Just watched Sir Liam Donaldson on News 24 talking about his new alcohol policy. He claims it is evidence based policy.

I hardly drink at all, so why should I pay more for a bottle of wine because other people abuse alcohol? He didn’t give any evidence on how this policy will directly benefit me. My assessment based on the evidence, is that I get punished for the action of others.

He also claims that this measure will benefit pubs, I don’t see how, unless they don’t have to put up their prices. Of course Sir Liam didn’t mention evidence of the damage that his other outstanding gift to the pub trade caused. Many landlords, and ex-landlords, in this area have stated publicly that the smoking ban killed a large part of their business. You were responsible for that Sir Liam, funny how you missed that in your evidence.

March 16th, 2009 | Tags: | Category: BBC, News, Opinion | Comments (1)
Bomb Hysteria

My local paper is getting a little hysterical because a bomb has been found on the beach. All I can say is that it must be a slow news day, it isn’t uncommon on the beaches along this coast, and not surprising considreing how many tons of munitions have been dropped in the Irish Sea.

I’ve just had a quick look at the local Coastguard page of shouts and they are full of reports of what they call, Ordnance On Land. There isn’t a lot of danger from unexploded munitions, well not unless you do something stupid, okay, there is a lot of danger to the general public once they start playing silly fuckers with ordnance found on the beach.

I’d love to see a less sensational approach all round, such as that by the police inspector:

Dalton and Askam Inspector Malcolm Woodhouse warned members of the public to contact the police if they find a suspicious object. Insp Woodhouse said: “It was probably an old World War Two bomb. There are lots in this area and they are found from time to time. If anyone finds anything they should make a note of where it is and what it looks like but don’t touch it, and contact the police.”

March 11th, 2009 | Tags: | Category: NW Evening Mail, Opinion, Police | Comments (1)
Religion No Bar To Hypocrisy

For someone who sent troops into Iraq on the basis of a lie, told the electorate that he was a pretty straight kind of guy, and who, in the words of Alastair Campbell, did not “do God” while he was in Downing Street.Tony Blair is a total fucking hypocrite.

Considering that he has since said that he feared he would be labelled a “nutter” if he spoke publicly about his religious convictions, I’m going to label him a coward as well. But, we already knew that from the way he constantly refused to meet any of the families of those who died in Iraq.

Now he has finally said something more on the subject, from the Telegraph:

Mr Blair said he agreed with church leaders that faith is in danger of being seen as a “personal eccentricity” rather than an important influence on the country.

He also criticised the “ludicrous decisions” that have led to worshippers punished for expressing their beliefs, such as Caroline Petrie, the community nurse who was suspended for two months after offering to pray for an elderly patient, and Jennie Cain, the primary school receptionist who still faces the sack after she asked for spiritual support from friends when her daughter was scolded for talking about Hell in the playground.

It isn’t like he ever had the fucking balls to put himself in a similar position is it? No, Blair did his usual thing and let other people take the shit while not doing anything for them, he is only speaking out now because he wants to make an impact in the USA which is proving very lucrative for him financially.

No courage, no convictions and no link between the two, until it stands to make him rich speaking about it in the land of the fundamentalist evangelical christians. Doesn’t that really make you believe he has faith? No, he has about as much faith as that letterbox mouthed fugly thing he married, who has no couage in her convictions either if she uses contraceptives against the teachings of her faith. The pair of them only have one true god and that is money.

March 07th, 2009 | Tags: | Category: Cherie Blair, Opinion, Religion, The Telegraph, Tony Bliar, USA | Comments (2)
Police Surveillance – You Have Everything To Hide

I’ve been thinking hard about this story in the Guardian since I first saw it, I’ve watched the video clip a number of times and it really pisses me off. This story comes at more or less the same time that the government has given the police carte blanche to stop any visual recording of them under the usual banner of anti-terrorism. In other words, if they don’t like you making a visual record of what they are doing, they can use the prevention of terrorism card as an excuse to stop you.

I find it disturbing that exercising what legitimate rights we have left means that you could be videotaped, subjected to questioning and then the storage of your details for as long as seven years. Those are not the actions of a police force working within the rule of law, those are the actions of a police force exploiting the law in every way they possibly can.

The police also seem to be very dismissive of the concept of freedom of the press, notice the exchange at 3:45.

“A lot of press officers aren’t there? They just think they can just bloody wander in and out of the field.”

“It’s wrong, I think.” – “I agree”

“I trust them less than the protesters.”

Another exchange of comments at 4:23 shows yet more contempt.

“Press cameraman here, being awkward a little.”

“Being asked to stand back by officers on at least two occasions. Then asked to stand by the inspector. Or asked by the inspector to stand out of the road. Coming out with witty comments”

These exchanges speak for themselves, the police seem to have complete contempt for the idea of anyone having the right to take part in, or report on, legal protests against government action. This is proven by their recording the details, of people going about their lawful business, as if they are criminals.

March 07th, 2009 | Tags: | Category: Civil Liberties, Civil Rights, Democracy, Film, Guardian, Human Rights, Law, Liberty, Media, News, Opinion, Photography, Police, Television, Video Clip, freedom of Speech | Comments (1)
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